Gabe Newell confirms Valve is working on new games

Artifact card art

Artifact card art

The news was delivered alongside a presentation for the Dota 2-themed card game Artifact, PC Gamer reported. In early 2017 Valve confirmed it was working on a single player game and later that year we learned it was working on three fully-fledged VR titles. The game became memetic immediately mainly for the crowd-spanning groan of disappointment that came after the reveal, but we have Valve making games again.

This is thanks to the investments made for Steam VR and the Vive headset, which has given the company the chance to develop their own hardware expertise.

The outlets report that chief Gabe Newell said that the aforementioned project was the first of many to come out of the American game maker. May Half-Life 3 finally be coming?

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Valve's CEO talked about how his company's hardware and software research has helped the games industry.

Artifact board

Newell noted that the move was influenced by Nintendo's ability to work on hardware and new games. Valve has announced that they're getting back to shipping video games. "That's sort of good news!"

The game is launching this year, Keighley said, while adding that a tablet release is slated for 2019.

Valve is even a little jealous of companies like Nintendo, with Newell saying: "We've always been a little bit jealous of companies like Nintendo". "You can see that Microsoft was like, wow, how can we make Windows more like that?" He can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things. Newell also didn't say anything about any new shooters, so we likely won't be dealing with anything related to Half Life at any point in the future. And he can make the hardware look as good as possible because he's designing the software at the same time that's really going to take advantage of it. For the last decade or so Valve has focused on their online gaming and software store, Steam as well as making hardware for PC gaming. "So that is something we've been jealous of, and that's something that you'll see us taking advantage of subsequently".

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