'Because of Brexit, we will be drifting apart', says Donald Tusk

Donald Tusk right with the Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel today. Mr Tusk has instructed EU negotiators to take a tough line in Brexit talks this month

Donald Tusk right with the Luxembourg prime minister Xavier Bettel today. Mr Tusk has instructed EU negotiators to take a tough line in Brexit talks this month

It concluded that although she took a more realistic tone, the prime minister had ultimately confirmed Britain's red lines and once again "addressed more her domestic audience, trying to bridge the gaps between the two poles of the debate on Brexit in the U.K".

"This is the essence of Brexit", he added.

The EP will not play a role in the UK-EU talks.

"Such a partnership should cover trade and economic co-operation as well as other areas, in particular the fight against terrorism and global crime, as well as security, defence and foreign policy".

She offered a customs partnership, where Britain would implement European Union tariffs on its border for goods intended for the bloc, or a streamlined customs arrangement, where jointly implemented measures and the use of technology would minimise friction.

"This unfortunately will have negative economic consequences".

The French seem to be trying to make the situation as complicated as possible in a thinly veiled ploy to make Paris the centre of European financial Services.

The U.K.is hoping for an agreement at an European Union summit this month on the transition period, an arrangement that businesses are keen to pin down so they'll have time to prepare for the shift to new trading rules and regulations that Brexit will bring.

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Europe has published the guidelines as controversy continues over the agreements reached at the end of the first phase of negotiations in December.

Speaking in Dublin, European Council President Donald Tusk said it's difficult to imagine any substantial progress - if a proposal isn't put forward to avoid a hard border.

Foster told the conference of business leaders in London: "I do object, in the strongest terms, to people who have limited experience of the Troubles in Northern Ireland throwing threats of violence around as some kind of bargaining chip in the negotiating process". Anna Soubry, a pro-European, was just as warm, saying there was no doubting the prime minister's determination to get the best deal for her country.

It is expected that the European Parliament resolution will be presented later today.

He also delivered a firm rejection of a statement from United Kingdom chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond, who on Thursday suggested a free trade deal between the EU and Britain could encompass financial services, even if the United Kingdom remains outside the European single market and customs union.

He said unlike with the trade of goods, services are about ensuring common rules, common supervision and common enforcement and that is why free trade agreements do not have detailed rules for financial services.

He said negotiators would aim for a " trade agreement covering all sectors and with zero tariffs on goods".

Brexit negotiations have reached a critical stage, yet essential issues over citizens' rights remain unresolved and solutions maintaining an invisible border on the island of Ireland are not forthcoming.

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