'Black Panther': Michael B. Jordan Offers To Replace Fan's Retainer

"Black Panther has made almost US$900 million globally

While watching the box office smash, Sophia Robb clenched down so hard on her retainer when Jordan came on screen that it broke in half, forcing her to make an emergency appointment with her orthodontist to have it repaired.

It was a situation her orthodontist found so amusing that he wrote about the emergency fix, without mentioning his patient's name, on Tumblr.

Jordan has a lot of kickass scenes in the movie, but there is one particular scene where his character, Erik Killmonger, takes his shirt off to battle to become king of Wakanda.

"That is the f**king funniest s**t ever to me this tiny 17-year-old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel", the orthodontist wrote along with two gifs of Jordan.

Sophia then took to Twitter where she confirmed that she's the fan the orthodontist was referring to. Luckily, the Creed star saw her tweet.

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The story sounded way too familiar to Sophia, so she checked the Tumblr account of the person who posted it and found out that it was, indeed, her orthodontist. "I would scream", she said.

She told BuzzFeed Tuesday that she "pressed my tongue against my permanent retainer and clenched my jaw so hard that the wire disconnected from my teeth".

If you're wondering about the retainer, Sophia shared that her orthodontist glued it back together. He volunteered to replace the braces as he felt "partly responsible for breaking [them]". She also had the chance to message him, saying "wow i just DM'ed michael b jordan".

Beyond the good-natured humor here, I think it resonated so much at least partially because many of us could identify with Sophia's predicament, if not her exact circumstances.

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