Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania stage set in intriguing fashion

There can now be no doubt that Roman Reigns will be the figurehead of WWE going forward

There can now be no doubt that Roman Reigns will be the figurehead of WWE going forward

White already teased this possibility last weekend when he posted a photo alongside Lesnar, who was wearing a UFC t-shirt, on the same day that the WWE was holding a pay-per-view in Las Vegas.

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The moment it was made official, it seemed like the Roman Reigns-Brock Lesnar "WrestleMania" match for the Universal Championship was going to be a disaster. As per the write-up, Lesnar was set to travel to Anaheim for the show, but creative changed their minds at the 11th hour, meaning they had to rewrite a planned in-ring confrontation between him and Reigns.

Not to mention WWE should use Lesnar's absence as a chance to push new stars to the main event scene. "If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in WWE, he will fight in WWE", Heyman said.

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Of course, Lesnar's contract with WWE coming to an end also means he's in the midst of contract negotiations and this exact same scenario has unfolded before.

Many people will tell you that wrestling's fake but if Brock Lesnar told me it was real, or that my name was Mary, I wouldn't exactly put up much of an argument, the man once destroyed a auto and then threw the door at the crowd! Lesnar announced his retirement approximately one year ago, but he would still have to fulfill the remaining six months of that sanction before he could fight again.

"He doesn't respect me. And I am sick of it", said Reigns.

Fans should not be surprised if the next few weeks feature Reigns cutting more scathing promos and possibly even getting into physical altercations with Lesnar. Reigns has recently been accused of buying performance enhancers by a steroids dealer in Miami, and while no concrete evidence has been presented in the case, it appears WWE is erring on the side of caution in case something emerges between now and WrestleMania. It all adds up to an intriguing storyline heading into WrestleMania. Some fans want to see Brock Lesnar make a return, some don't, one thing that is certain is that Lesnar once was one of UFC's biggest assets, whether he regains that status, however is far from occurring at the moment.

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