PUBG Roadmap Coming Soon With Third Map in the Offing

PUBG Battlegrounds

PUBG Battlegrounds

The Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' development and community team have updated the game's patch notes to include two new crates that are coming to the game, as well as some welcome changes to PUBG's economy. So far we've had woodland and desert biomes... could the next setting be the urban jungle that players have been dreaming about ever since PUBG's rise to fame and fortune?

There has been a lot of debate surrounding PUBG's anti-cheat measures and while third-party help from BattlEye has amounted to over 1 million cheaters being permanently booted from the game in January alone, there's nothing stopping them from buying another account. For more updates about PUBG items in the game, visit us at PlayerAuctions. What do you want from the new map? Instead of imposing a maximum ping limit, players will now be divided into pools based on their ping.

PUBG PC Update 6 patch notes have been released for the 4.1 GB patch now rolling out to the Test Server. They plan on new content and "extensive battle royale experiences" for "deeper and more realistic gameplay".

This will be done "by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping", the developers are confident that this feature will improve the playing experience.

What do you make of Red Bull's special F1 livery?
Red Bull have retained the air intake on the tip of the nosecone for 2018, something that it will be interesting to see if any of their rivals follow suit with.

In a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update, vehicles have been nerfed, and various improvements and bug fixes have been made. PUBG Corp also say that matchmaking will now be divided depending on ping, meaning users with lower pings will be prioritised during matchmaking. The first tests of the new method will take place next week.

As such, players will no longer be able to see inside the plane when games start. Although no specific date has been disclosed for it.

As EuroGamer also explains, Bluehole actually gave a hint about the new map's location previous year.

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