United Kingdom hit by biggest quake for a decade

Swansea earthquake

Swansea earthquake

Tremors have been reported across Wales, the southwest of England and the midlands, according to the BBC. "We hoped that you had a surprisingly "earth moving" experience!"

"The walls shook, the lights flashed and the pictures were shaking. The whole building just shook!??"

According to local newspaper Telegraph, the most serious natural disaster in Britain was the one that hit the Colchester area in 1884 and damaged more than 1,000 buildings.

Sky's Kay Burley felt the effects of the tremor near a lake in the Cotswolds: "The dogs were laying down then suddenly they jumped up and ran to my side, and then I noticed quite a significant ripple on the water".

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The quake struck at approximately 2.30pm today. Police are asking people to only call if they are injured or if there are damages.

"For now - it is unexplained - but there is nothing to worry about". At first, many weren't sure if they had experienced an natural disaster.

"Although distant from the nearest plate boundary, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, earthquakes occur as crustal stresses within the tectonic plates are relieved by movement occurring on pre-existing fault planes".

The strength of the quake was particularly unusual for the region, the British Geological Survey said, adding that "events as large as this only happen every 3-5 years in the United Kingdom".

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