It's Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter

Ground Hog Day 2018: Will Punxsutawny Phil see his shadow? How accurate is Phil?

Ground Hog Day 2018: Will Punxsutawny Phil see his shadow? How accurate is Phil?

The idea is, the groundhog wakes up from hibernation on the 2nd, and if it sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

As the tradition claims, if Phil sees his shadow when he emerges from his temporary home (a fake tree stump), the weather forecast calls for six more weeks of winter. Toby Ault, a Cornell assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, says the tool is based on weather data linked with leaf-out and bloom in cloned lilacs and honeysuckle.

The charming critter lives on the tiny hill of Gobbler's Knob, located just outside Punxsutawney, 84 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. This year, the groundhog forecast six more weeks of winter. In our 12-month calendar, the time span from an equinox to a solstice (or vice versa) lasted three months - a "season", so to speak. If not, expect spring-like temperatures.

According to information compiled by the National Centers for Environmental Information, Phil has struggled in recent years to accurately predict the weather.

But those worrying about six months of winter should feel some relief: in the last 30 years, Phil has been right just seven times out of 30, based on the government's analysis of USA temperature data.

In Milltown, N.J., Groundhog Day festivities have been a tradition for 10 years.

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And despite generally being behind both Luke Shaw and Ashley Young in the pecking order, he curiously played every minute of all six Champions League group game.

And of course, who could forget Columbia Pictures' "Groundhog Day", starring Bill Murray.

Phil may very well be the world's second most famous rodent right behind Mickey Mouse, but on Groundhog Day, he's the only one that matters. A zoo official reported that he did not see his shadow this year, so according to Ed, spring is nigh. So needless to say, Phil has some work to do in the accuracy department.

Groundhog Day dates back to 1887.

TheCentral Florida 2017-2018 winter has had more pronounced temperatures fluctuation compared to a year ago.

People supposedly watched hedgehogs or badgers to see if they saw their shadows on Candlemas Day, celebrated each February 2nd.

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