ASIO takes custody of secret cabinet documents, obtained by the ABC

It wasn’t him

It wasn’t him

Inside of the cabinets was the trove of documents now dubbed The Secret Cabinet Files, consisting of thousands of pages that reveal the inner workings of five separate governments that span almost a decade.

The broadcaster has used confidential Cabinet documents, found in a second-hand shop, to publish a series of exclusives this week about recent governments.

The locks were eventually opened with a drill, revealing the documents inside.

Australian Cabinet documents are usually kept classified for 20 years, before being made public in redacted form. Nearly all of the files are classified, some as "top secret" or "AUSTEO", which means they are to be seen by Australian eyes only.

The ABC reported that ASIO officers visited its bureau in Parliament House and its studio in Brisbane at 1am on Thursday to deliver safes so the files could be locked away while negotiations continued between the ABC's lawyers and the prime minister's office over the ownership of the documents.

The Australian government on Wednesday launched an urgent investigation into the loss of thousands of classified documents that were sold with two second-hand filing cabinets.

The Australian government has launched an "urgent investigation" after hundreds of classified files were accidentally sold and obtained by the media.

Questioned about the ABC's reporting of Cabinet documents on Tuesday, Turnbull told reporters, "I think they've come across someone's bottom drawer in Canberra".

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Crucially, they expose repeated security breaches of Australia's most sensitive and classified documents and a seemingly casual attitude of some of those charged with keeping the documents safe.

Rudd, who has retired from politics, announced on Thursday that he was taking legal action against the ABC over one report.

The loss of the documents, which had been through the national security committee of cabinet between 2008 and 2013, was uncovered in an audit by the DPMC.

The documents contained in the secret cabinet files revealed the inner workings of five separate governments.

One of the stories revealed a plan from a former immigration minister to delay security checks on refugees so they would miss the deadline to apply for residency in Australia.

According to ABC, "troop deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq, counterterrorism operations, foreign relations and Australia's border protection were among the top-secret and sensitive issues decided in the five-year period".

One document refers to an audit that revealed that the Australian Federal Police had lost nearly 400 national security files over five years ending 2013.

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