Rose McGowan questions Weinstein's lack of criminal charges to date

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

"I had auditioned in many hotel rooms, the director comes and sits - that's how it goes". I was supposed to be the bell of the ball. "The case is still unsolved, but I have been trying for years to remedy that". People try to think I don't know these people. Once her family relocated to the U.S., McGowan writes that her father became increasingly verbally abusive and her mother was often absent. "Everything happens so fast and so slow, because this wasn't the plan".

"No work would return me to street and not have where to live was a death sentence".

"I will say", she continued, "that probably everyone has accidentally worked with a pedophile, and I don't take joy in that".

McGowan, who was 23 at the time, says that she thought that she was being summoned to his suite for a meeting, but instead was pulled into a room with a jacuzzi in it, where he removed her clothes while she froze "like a statue".

McGowan says both in her book and to GMA that she met up with Ben Affleck immediately after the alleged incident for a photo op for their movie, Phantoms, and claims that when she told the actor her story, he replied, "Goddamn it".

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The story in the Times kicked off the sex abuse scandal which has engulfed the entertainment business ever since. "He owes it to me not to do this'". You're an actress. You've done a sex scene.

McGowan ends the book by calling for more women in producing and directing positions, and asks for the support of groups like the Screen Actors Guild to protect women and children, particularly the establishment of an anonymous tips line for victims of assault. A criminal attorney allegedly told McGowan no one would believe her if she pressed charges. However, McGowan simply refers to him as "the monster" (except on one occasion) and the series blacks out his name in written text and distorts it when others say it. Blank is my special friend. "You're my new special friend.' And I slid down the wall and threw up on myself".

Part of McGowan's process of self-exposure here is revealing that she actually is eccentric and odd and amusing, but maybe not in the ways her reputation has suggested in the media - just in that way that plenty of Hollywood artistic types are weird. It's four CAA agents who needed good PR.

"I told my publicists. and they said to say it was a auto accident", McGowan writes. So, c'mon, it is fake. I wish everybody was super awesome but sometimes you've got to clean house a little bit, and the world. It's a mixture of hagiography, quirky character study and, at its best, confessional expurgation that would have been neither the best nor worst documentary of a similar type that I saw at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this month. "'Come on, journalists, let's go.' I said everything but the name, so draw your conclusions".

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