Burger King releases "Whopper Neutrality" ad

Net neutrality explainer from Burger King

Net neutrality explainer from Burger King

The only difference between each combo is the hike in price and the time it takes to get your burger.

FCC made a decision to repeal net neutrality in December, and because of that internet providers can charge customers and companies for faster access to some websites over others.

But the FCC's vote far from settled the situation.

Last week, a group of attorneys general for 21 states and the District of Columbia sued to block the rules. "And because the Internet is so critical to everyone, it's understandably confusing and a bit concerning when you hear the rules have recently changed, yet again". One previously upset man said that he "didn't think that ordering a Whopper would really open my eyes up to net neutrality".

"Must watch", tweeted Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, who has criticized Federal Communications Commission Republicans for their December vote to eliminate rules forbidding broadband providers such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from blocking or slowing web traffic. But they've stopped short of saying they wouldn't charge more for faster Internet, a cost that could be passed to consumers. ISPs aren't throttling content yet (that we know of), but they are privileging content they have a stake in.

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On the same day as Burger King's campaign, New York Gov.

In a surprisingly effective and moving ad past year, Burger King compared the bullying of a kid in its restaurant to the bullying of a Whopper Jr.to show how important it is to stand up and speak out in a situation where someone is getting bullied. Now a major brand, Burger King, is stepping into the fray with a new video that tries to explain the issue in a simple way (and also promotes the Whopper).

In the video, a cashier explains to a customer that Burger King decided it could sell more and make more money selling chicken sandwiches and chicken fries, so it's slowing access to the Whopper.

In a final jab at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the iconic Burger King mascot drinks from a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups coffee mug - something Pai has been known for.

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