Flu activity continues to increase in PA

Ohio County elementary student dies from the flu

Ohio County elementary student dies from the flu

Delaware's third flu death of the season was announced by health officials Wednesday afternoon.

DHHS obtains death data through death certificates and according to the state, delays in the reporting of deaths "may cause the number of reported (pneumonia/flu) deaths to vary considerably each week". That's why the Connecticut Department of Health is ramping up efforts to open flu shot clinics this weekend. While anyone, particularly individuals who are not vaccinated, can contract the flu, the illness is especially unsafe for certain groups, including: people aged 65 and older; children younger than 2 years old; people of any age with chronic medical conditions, like asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure, or lung disease; and pregnant women.

The vaccine will not make recipients sick because the flu shot is a dead virus, according to the email. During the 2015-2016 season, three children and one pregnant woman died as a result of the virus.

Influenza B often is less severe and resembles the common cold, but there can be more serious cases, he noted.

While you might be more anxious about the flu this year, in particular, Dr. Bouvier says that this year's flu season is not "completely out of the ordinary". but that still doesn't mean it's not concerning.

Doctors still suggest you should get your flu shot. He said her fever continued to surge throughout day.

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In late December, Northern Michigan saw the highest rate of hospitalization due to influenza-like illnesses in the state at almost 6 percent.

Symptoms of the flu are quite significant and include a fever, body aches and chills, a headache and sore throat.

"We do believe you should get the flu shot and we provide them at the clinic", said Northern Neck Free Health Clinic executive director Jeannie Nelson.

An additional 32 deaths and 1,183 lab-confirmed cases were reported last week, down from 2,170 the week before and 2,992 the week before that.

Reynolds says Governor Kay Ivey's State Public Health Emergency issued earlier this month helped increase awareness. The influenza vaccine provides no protection against the "stomach flu" because they are completely different bugs. This year's virus is particularly agressive and doctors are urging everyone to get vaccinated, as it's not too late. And if you've suffered from one strain, you're still susceptible to infection from another, says Dr. Bouvier.

Fitzgerald also recommended that people frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizer, avoid those who are sick or coughing and carry disinfectant wipes.

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