Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

Facebook Today In

Facebook Today In

As Facebook continues its efforts to squeeze in more information in the user timeline, the platform is reportedly testing a new feature that would show users local news and events judging by their location. From what has been revealed, Facebook is now conducting the test in a handful of cities around the United States - New Orleans, Louisiana; Olympia, Washington; Billings, Montana; Binghamton, New York; Peoria, Illinois and Little Rock, Arkansas. It's part of Facebook's Journalism Project Initiative, which includes creating local news partnerships as one of its objectives.

There are no plans yet for an global test, despite the new product launching as Facebook, along with other technology platforms such as Google, faces increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies across the world.

Facebook is testing a new product meant to help users find local news, events and various community updates.

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This is all supposedly part of Facebook's Journalism Project initiative that was launched by the social media following last year's U.S. Presidential election. The people in the six test cities are to be alerted by Facebook that the new feature has been brought in already, but after that, Facebook "Today In" will feature in the menu (☰) where Facebook sports several other lesser-used sections of the app. The company has attempted deploying different solutions to the problem of fake news, with varying levels of success.

Facebook has launched a new feature called "Today in". Local news sources are vetted and approved by a human first before they're added, the company noted. The benefit of advertising, gained through Facebook will further depend on the number of users who frequently use the new section.

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