Video gaming disorder could soon be recognized by the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization released a draft version of its diagnostic manual and for the first time added

The World Health Organization released a draft version of its diagnostic manual and for the first time added"gaming disorder to the list

The classification comes under 'Disorders due to addictive behaviors, ' and is characterized by "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior".

It is important to stress that since the document is only a draft at this stage, there's a fair chance that some alterations will be made to the wording of the description, the name of the condition or how doctors might diagnose Gaming Disorder. Enjoying gaming regularly is not necessarily an addiction, but the line is being defined by World Health Organization next year.

"I don't think people should always just jump to the conclusion because someone likes to play video games", Jones says. It will be the newest update since 1990. The only other disorder listed in the subsection of "addictive behaviors", next to Gaming Disorder, is Gambling Disorder.

Researchers are still trying to understand the activity's risks and effects, since it has only recently become such a common pastime - 63% of USA households contain at least one "frequent gamer", a trait that didn't exist a couple of generations ago. It also lists conditions medical personnel can use to decide if a gamer's behaviour can be described as a mental health disorder. It could contribute to a stigma around gaming that affects healthy gamers. Public health experts also use the ICD to track the number of deaths and diseases.

Bobbi Burks is a counselor who specializes in addiction therapy.

The lead director of the study, Dr. Andrew Przybylski, said that the study provided evidence of "the potential new problem of 'internet gaming disorder'".

Gaming disorder to be named a mental health condition for the first time

Right now, World Health Organization authorities said there is only a clinical description and no prevention or treatment options.

Rae acknowledges that lots of gamers don't have a problematic relationship to their favorite media, but referenced a patient whose teeth rotted out of his mouth while he couldn't stop himself from going at it.

"You can get immersed in whatever you do if you really love it", he said.

Prince and her two sons have an understanding. They have experience in breaking this habit.

Do you love video games? But is it worth codifying "gaming disorder" into something that could cast a shadow over normal game use-or distract from treating well-known disorders that might inspire over-eager gaming in the first place?

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