Publishers To Stop Receiving Facebook Money For News Feed Videos

Publishers To Stop Receiving Facebook Money For News Feed Videos

Publishers To Stop Receiving Facebook Money For News Feed Videos

Approximately noone on the entire internet wants to click on a video and immediately watch an advertisement, but Facebook wants to try pre-rolls out to see if it works well enough to strike a happy tone with both publishers and viewers.

Facebook confirmed it will begin testing pre-roll video ads on the platform's video-centric features such as Watch in a blog post outlining several updates to its video distribution and monetization strategy.

Further, the mid-roll ads aren't being abolished entirely with Facebook stating it is only the longer videos that qualify to have them.

Facebook has been trying to monetize its video platform since its launch and now, the social network plans to start pushing more of the content on users' News Feeds. It would be safe to say that the average Facebook user may be spending more time consuming video content than anything else. It had then opted for mid-roll ads instead that ran mid-way into the video.

The pre-roll move should prove popular among advertisers and content producers, while it remains to be seen if users will sit through ads before they can view Watch videos. Year-to-date, FB has gained 55.05%, versus a 20.54% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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About including ads in videos, Facebook announced that it would not allow ads during the videos unless duration of videos is at least three minutes. Spanning both live and on-demand productions, the deals specified the videos had to be long enough for mid-rolls (90 seconds for on-demand videos and six minutes for live).

This sounds like the company will be prioritizing video over other kinds of ads, but we'll wait and see how it shakes out. The ads would likely be before Watch content, Facebook's TV-style show content.

One advertising change announced by Facebook could also increase time spent.

This may help Facebook appeal to the YouTube's audience, most people don't think of the social network when they made a decision to search for a video. For creators whose Show Page is linked to their existing Page, the social networking giant will be able to distribute episodes directly to all their followers. The Discover tab in Watch will also prioritise shows that people come back to.

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