Injustice 2 free-to-play this weekend on PC, consoles

Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Players can play from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd.

All the way from December 14 to December 18, the ones that haven't tried the DC fighting game Injustice 2, will be able to download the free trial. Not only was it critically-acclaimed, but it also managed to be one of the top-selling games of 2017, selling over a million and a half units.

Players will have access to the first three chapters of the story mode, plus all of the multiplayer and online modes.

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Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announce the free trial of Injustice 2, the brawler game of NetherRealm Studios dedicated to the superheroes and superclasses of the DC Comics world.

Play Injustice 2 along with all the characters for free, this weekend. This also includes all modes and select DLC characters. It'll also be on sale this weekend for $30 United States dollars, though it's unclear if that also includes any DLC or the Ultimate Edition, which comes with all of the DLC characters, whether they be present or upcoming. And, just in time for the holidays, Injustice 2 will also be discounted during the Free Trial period at participating retailers.

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