Twitter launches feature to organize multi-tweet threads

Add Tweets Button

Add Tweets Button

Twitter has announced a new feature that lets you easily thread together tweets.

You can also add more Tweets to your published thread at any time with the new "Add another Tweet" button. Now it's doing that again by adding features that encourage self-reply chains and make it possible to publish such a thread all at once, rather than one tweet at a time. There's now a new plus ("+") button in the composer screen where you can type out your series of tweets. Additionally, it's now simpler to spot a thread - we've added an obvious "Show this thread" label. Twitter recently doubled the limit, which was previously set to a maximum of 140 characters.

The updates will come to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks. Whether it's a tirade about an issue or a amusing or touching story that they're telling, Twitter threads are a good way to express your thoughts or tell a story.

The Add another Tweet feature already out of the testing process - and Twitter has already started rolling out to everyone.

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"This shows that more space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a Tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before", Twitter said in a post at the time. Few of us, however, have a single thought, and so "thread" their tweets, that is, reply to their original tweet with more tweets. "That's where this update to threads comes in!"

In the past, users would thread tweets together by manually including a number to indicate the order the tweets were to be read, or they would resort to simply firing off back to back tweets with no clear order.

Oh, and who can forget this epic, 127-tweet thread that went viral a year ago: Strategic intelligence analyst Eric Garland went on and on about how almost every event in American political history led to Russian Federation interfering with last year's presidential election.

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