Google Maps reportedly getting updates to its transit functionality soon

Google Maps will soon inform you when to get off train or bus via a notification

Google Maps will soon inform you when to get off train or bus via a notification

It's hoped that Google Maps can prevent a few tired warriors and tricked tourists from skipping a stop, then doubling back or perhaps a long, brisk walk with new notification prompts telling users how far along their public transit trip they are.

Google should roll out the changes any day now.

Ever been in a new city and struggled to get around on the local transport network?

Google Maps now shows the real-time updated directions when you travel in a bus or train. Users have started seeing the motorcycle mode option in their Google Maps application in addition to the vehicle, walking and train options that were previously available. It will be able to tell you how many stops you have left to go, when you're approaching your stop, as well as providing you with interactive real-time notifications. This feature could prove to be a life saver for those traveling in unfamiliar cities, or for those who just like to doze off in their commute home.

Estes applauds passage of Concealed Carry bill
The bill passed eight days before the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting in which 20 children and six adults perished. The legislation also included a provision that is supported by members of both parties to bolster the background check system.

According to XDA-Developers, Google Chrome 64 will bring support for parallel download, meaning for large files, you should see accelerated download speeds.

In other pressing Google Maps news, over at the Express, there's a report of Street View catching a glimpse of a biking-clad woman on Miami Beach. The company highlights that supermarkets and grocery stores will be the next to get estimated wait times. Is this a function you'd like to see in Google Maps?

Although Google has already rolled out a version for its trusted tester community, it's unclear when the feature will be made available for all users - and if it will be supported by all platforms. Google Maps recently introduced the motorcycle mode, keeping the large number of people traveling by motorcycles in mind.

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