Uttar Pradesh, Delhi top crime list in 2016: NCRB

Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

Chandigarh worst in India in crime against elderly: NCRB

In addition, among the 19 major cities, Delhi also reported 38.8 per cent of total IPC criminal cases, followed by Bengaluru at 8.9 per cent and Mumbai at 7.7 per cent. Delhi has the distinction of the highest crime rate of 182.1 as compared to the national average of 77.2.

The annual publication of NCRB released by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said a total of 48,31,515 "congnizable" crimes were reported in 2016, showing an increase of 2.6 per cent, over the 47,10,676 cases reported in 2015. This is followed by Bihar (8.4%). Crimes against children increased from 124 in 2015 to 140 in 2016. The crimes against women included 2,183 cases of assault with intent to outrage modesty, 1,142 cases of kidnapping and abduction and 712 cases of rape.

Uttar Pradesh also saw the highest number of crimes against women with 14.5 percent (49,262 cases) of the total cases.

For the last 10 years now, total number of crimes in India hovered between 50 lakh and 70 lakh, and the crime rate ranged from 455 to 580 - crime rate is the number of crimes registered per 100,000 people.

Rape cases have a reported increase of 12.4% from 2015. Uttar Pradesh tops the chart with a whopping 9,422 cases followed by Maharashtra (second) and Madhya Pradesh (third) with 4,057 and 3,128 cases respectively. Crimes against children are a cause of concern. All 114 persons arrested for crimes against children were chargesheeted.

Giving a reason for the correction, the NCRB report has said: "The reported cases under SLL of the states like Motor Vehicle Act (Challans), Gunda Act, Local Police Act, Section 106 to 110 of Cr.P.C. have been excluded from "Other SLL Crimes" from 2014 onwards, as either FIRs are not registered in above cases or if registered, same are not sent to judicial magistrate".

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The national capital is followed by Mumbai, which recorded 12.3 per cent or 5,128 criminal cases against women.

Total 84,746 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage modesty were reported in 2016. With 4,189 cases in 2016, the state ranked third in cases of rape with MP recording the most number of rape cases registered, followed by UP.

Atrocities/crime against scheduled tribes (STs) have also increased.

If one took corrected figures for the past years as well, 2016 would in fact reflect an increase of about 2.6 per cent in overall crimes.

UP again leads the list with 4,954 cases registered. For other offences, such as traffic challans, NCRB will provide separate data from next year. Out of the 23,117 persons who were rescued during the year, children made 61.3% of the victims (including victims of 2015). Uttar Pradesh reported maximum weapon seizure (27,189) followed by Madhya Pradesh (8,019) and Rajasthan (5,757). Similarly, the crime rate has come down from 581.8 in 2015 to 379.3. Economic offences declined from 3,566 in 2015 to 3,119 in 2016.

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