Russian Fighter Intercepts US Reconaissance Aircraft over Black Sea

Russian jet intercepts US aircraft over Black Sea

Russian jet intercepts US aircraft over Black Sea

This forced the USA aircraft to undergo a 15-degree roll and experience aggressive turbulence.

"After being identified by a Russian fighter jet, the USA reconnaissance plane changed its route and set course away from Russia's airspace", it added.

The Pentagon confirmed the incident to CNN, which reported the jet came as close as 50ft to the US P-8A Poseidon recon aircraft.

The incident involved a dramatic close call between a Russian Su-30 fighter jet and a U.S. P-8A Poseidon, disrupting the routine practice of intercepting non-ally aircraft near national waters. During the last months, similar incidents were registered in the zone of the Baltic Sea and near the Russian western enclave of Kaliningrad, in the Kamchatka peninsula, near the USA state of Alaska and in other regions.

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The last reported interaction between US and Russian aircraft took place in June when a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 flew within five feet of an American RC-135 reconnaissance plane.

"The Russian military is within its right to exercise within global airspace, but they must respect worldwide standards set to ensure safety and prevent incidents", Baldanza said. A spokesperson at the US Air Force said in a statement at the time that, "there are worldwide standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents".

The spokeswoman for the Pentagon said the USA aircraft "did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior".

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