Russian Federation accuses U.S. of not attacking Daesh in Syria town

Russia Posts Video Game Footage as 'Evidence' of US/ISIS Coalition

Russia Posts Video Game Footage as 'Evidence' of US/ISIS Coalition

"The US are actually covering the ISIS combat units to recover their combat capabilities, redeploy, and use them to promote the American interests in the Middle East", said the ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday accused the USA -led coalition of interfering with the Russian air force to protect retreating Islamic State (IS) militants.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has used a videogame screenshot to accuse the United States of cooperating with ISIS.

Earlier this year Russian media accused President Vladimir Putin of passing off footage of the American military fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan as the efforts of Russia's air force in Syria during a television interview.

It said the US-led coalition refused requests to cooperate and "eliminate fleeing Isis convoys".

The allegations are extremely grave, but may be harder to take seriously given the "irrefutable proof" offered in the form of photographic accompaniment. The ministry later deleted the images.

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At least one of the photographs exactly matched a frame from a promotional video for a "AC-130 Gunship Simulator" computer game posted online in March 2015.

A cached version of the original statement can still be viewed online.

But none of the images are from Abu Kamal, and none are from Nov 9. In turn, western countries have accused Russian jets of indiscriminate bombing tactics including the deliberate targeting of hospitals.

This isn't the first time the Russian government has been caught distributing fake or misattributed video.

A US Department of Defense spokesman said this incident was just the latest "episode" by the Russians.

"The United States' refusal to carry out strikes against ISIL terrorist convoys retreating from [Al-Bukamal] is a fact recorded in the transcripts of the talks and, therefore, well known to the American side, just as the active counteraction by USA aircraft to the Russian Aerospace Forces, which were ready to destroy ISIL terrorists who were regrouping for new attacks against government troops near [Al-Bukamal]", the ministry added, using an alternative acronym for ISIS.

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