WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone' feature rolls out

WhatsApp to roll out more features to group admins soon

WhatsApp to roll out more features to group admins soon

WhatsApp introduced the much awaited "Delete for Everyone" feature, that allows users to delete messages from a group or individual chat, Dawn.com reported on Friday.

It's only available to certain users at the moment and only on the latest version of WhatsApp, so head over to the App Store and download all those updates you've been continually putting off.

However, a user can not avail the opportunity of correcting their error hours after sending the wrong message.

· If you want to delete for everyone a message that has been quoted, note that WhatsApp doesn't recall the message contained in a quoted message, at the moment.

Additionally, the feature doesn't take into account whether others have seen the message or not, so if you see two blue ticks it's already too late. When the recipient receives the copy, their phone won't show the message notification, nor will it show up in the recipient's chat history (as it gets deleted automatically). The message can only be deleted within seven minutes of sending the text. It will be coming to all Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, reports WAbetainfo website. Nearby Delete for Everyone, clients will also observe the Delete for Me option, if they just need to delete the message from their telephone. Once the message has been sent, you only get up to seven minutes to undo it. The deleted messages will be replaced with "This message was deleted" in the recipients chat.

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There's also no built-in mechanism to notify you if deleting for everyone failed for any reason. So, recipients might see messages that were recalled if not successfully deleted'. Right now the feature is rolling out to certain users, according to The Next Web. This will surely reduce the embarrassment caused via an accidental message sent to the wrong chats.

It's similar to a tool rolled out by Google for their Gmail app a few years ago, though to utilize that feature, you have to click "undo" within a set amount of time after sending the email.

While it is yet to launch, the feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp insider site, which also shared screenshots of the function.

The quoted message can not be deleted. That can be handy if you sent something to someone by mistake, you made a typo, or you regretted saying something, and so on. "Your recipients will still see the messages in their chat screen".

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