Canadian passport ranked one of the most powerful in the world

Singapore ranks first at Global Passport Power Rank 2017

Singapore ranks first at Global Passport Power Rank 2017

Developed by worldwide residence and citizenship advisory firm Arton Capital, the Passport Index is a free online interactive tool that sorts and ranks the world's passports by their cross-border access.

The Individual Passport Power Rank is updated annually by Arton Capital. The global ranking which saw another Asian country Singapore surge to the top position has Pakistan and Afghanistan among the worst farers.

Passport Index ranks passports from across the world on their total visa-free score, meaning how much global mobility the passport holder has. India has been given a visa-free score of 51, below countries like Mali, Madagascar, Gabon, and Comoros, which all had a visa-free score of 52.

According to the company Arton Capital, with a Kazakhstani passport, it is possible to enter 71 countries of the world without any issues (35 without a visa and 36 visas upon arrival).

In recent months, Singapore and Germany have been tied for first place, but Singapore rose to the number-one spot after Paraguay recently removed visa requirements, Arton Capital said on October 25.

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"It is a testament of Singapore's inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy". Bhutan is ranked at 76 with a score of 50.

\In Henley & Partners' 2017 Index, released in March, Germany retained its position at the top of the Index for the second year running, with visa-free access to 176 countries out of 218.

People who hold a passport from Singapore can access 159 countries without a visa, and German passports can get you into 158.

The United States was tied for 19th with Malaysia, Ireland and Canada among 193 member countries of the United Nations and six internationally recognized territories, according to Arton Capital, which compiles the rankings.

Since Donald Trump came into power over in the US, American passports have dwindled in their power with Turkey and the Central African Republic taking away their visa-free status for US passport holders.

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