Mobile Caps Roaming Data In Mexico And Canada Starting November 12

T-Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico

T-Mobile puts 5GB cap on high-speed data in Canada and Mexico

The T-Mobile One users can purchase the high-speed worldwide LTE access an added rate of $25 for a month. Customers on that unlimited plan and many of T-Mobile's other plans had access to data in other countries baked in if they needed it. There is no mention if it's temporary or permanent but T-Mobile will need to work on some issues first. "In order to prevent usage beyond the intent of the product, we implemented a limit on the amount of monthly 4G LTE data", the carrier explains on its FAQ page.

T-Mobile unveiled Mobile Without Borders to great fanfare in 2015, a plan for customers that added unlimited calling, texting, and 4G LTE data throughout Mexico and Canada at no extra cost. This is for those using the high-speed data in Canada or Mexico.

If you really need more than that data, you can still purchase high-speed global LTE data for an additional $25. That's not bad at all but we know there are people who will be annoyed by this decision.

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That roaming data was specifically for Mexico and Canada.

"T-Mobile came roaring to life by offering the thing that everyone wanted", wrote Gizmodo columnist Rhell Jones. It's not entirely clear what "beyond the intent of the product" means, but it's clear T-Mobile is cracking down on a specific type of customer. After you hit that 5GB data limit, you will be throttled to barely usable 128Kbps speeds, or 256Kbps for T-Mobile One Plus subscribers (this speed will still allow you sending texts on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but little else). But for the 1 percent, whether they're travelers hooked on YouTube or business people relying on the service, it could be problematic.

Users who have been using the Simple Choice Plans and were enjoying the 'Mobile Without Borders' would all change from next month.

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