Oxford to Implement a Zero-Emissions Zone

GETTYOxford will be the first place in the UK to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles

GETTYOxford will be the first place in the UK to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles

Bear in mind that the government plans to ban sales of fossil fuel cars, but officials have given themselves until 2040 to make that happen.

The proposal to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from the city centre from 2020 was welcomed by Oxford's Green Party group. "Everyone needs to do their bit - from national government and local authorities, to businesses and residents - to end this public health emergency", he added.

Oxfordshire county councillor Yvonne Constance said: "We want to hear from everyone who uses the city centre - including businesses, bus and taxi firms and local residents - so that we get the fullest possible picture".

"The County and City together are proposing a staged Zero Emission Zone from 2020 in the city centre, with additional measures to bring down chronic pollution in St Clement's Street, High Street and St Aldate's".

Councillor John Tanner of Oxford city council expressed the city's endorsement of this eco-friendly change: "Toxic and illegal air pollution in the city centre is damaging the health of Oxford's residents..."

The plan will be enacted in stages, starting with just six streets in the city centre banning non-zero emission cars in 2020. However, the council also admitted it would be "need to be supported with further funding" from central government.

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The zero-emissions zone will be extended in 2025 and 2030, and by 2035 all non-electric vehicles will not be allowed into the city.

The development comes after hundreds of Oxford Mail readers said the plans were bad for business or unworkable, in an online poll.

A six-week public consultation will be held from the 16 October to the 26 November to gain feedback from the public concerning the zero-emissions proposal.

He said: "It is very pleasing to see this, locally-built, first fully electric and zero emissions bus being trialled in Leeds and we look forward to seeing it in action on our park and ride services".

You can read the complete Press Release with the list of all the roads that will be affected here, and the Zero Emissions Zone Feasibility Study here. Oxford has already seen a 36.9 percent fall in harmful NO2 levels over the past decade but many parts of the city centre are failing to meet the 40µg/m3 average set by the European Union, despite its desire to become a true "cycling city."

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