Apple is 'looking into' why some iPhone 8 batteries are swelling

A few users reporting swollen iPhone 8 Plus batteries

A few users reporting swollen iPhone 8 Plus batteries

The company recently had problems with the Apple Watch when the users reported that the screens of their Apple Watch is nearly bursting open due to the swelling of the battery.

It has been the largest elephant in the room for Apple aficionados, but on Friday, it finally was acknowledged: Apple's new iPhone 8 may be having problems with its battery.

The iphone 8 has been in the market just for a week and the users have already reported the phone to be bursting open.

Several media outlets have highlighted this issue in several countries where the new iPhone models have been exported.

Apple, at first, took its traditional approach of looking down its nose at the complaints and refused to say anything.

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At least five separate reports of the new 5.5in iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have shown deformed phones, swelled batteries and screens being detached from the aluminum bodies of the devices.

Shortly after the iPhone 8 Plus began landing in the hands of consumers, we heard a report that one unlucky buyer had their phone mysteriously pop open while being charged up.

The reports bear an ominous parallel to similar problems reported with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 a year ago when a handful of phones caught fire - and the issue quickly exploded to include more than 100 allegations of self-detonating li-ion batteries, and led to a mass recall of the Android handset.

Jaffe suspects Apple's executives are "in crisis mode" over the potential damage that battery issues could lead to. Apple assured the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus owners that there is no need to worry and the bursting open issue might not be unsafe to use since there is no signs of fire or explosions. The issue might be brushed under the carpet just like the iPhone 6 Plus bend gate or Apple may resolve and put out fresh versions of iPhone 8 Plus which do not have such issue.

It is not the first time the iPhone has faced battery problems.

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