Hamas Refuses to Disarm Raising Concerns of Hezbollah Model in Gaza

Palestinian PM arrives in Gaza, first visit since 2015

Palestinian PM arrives in Gaza, first visit since 2015

The most immediate issue is the suffering of the two million Gazans, who have faced three devastating wars with Israel since 2008, as well as crippling blockades by both Israel and Egypt.

"The [unity] government's success will depend on its ability to make an impact on the ground and in the field and its ability to have a positive impact on the lives of citizens", he said.

This isn't a Palestinian reconciliation, but rather Mahmoud Abbas cozying up to a murderous terror organization", adding that "Transferring funds to a Hamas government is like Israel transferring money to ISIS in return for the cash. Its intelligence chief, Khaled Fawzi, visited the strip in the afternoon and met with Hamdallah and Hamas head Ismail Haniya. On Tuesday, he plans to hold his official cabinet meeting in Gaza City.

The Hamas leader added: "We want a government to dominate the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and carry out its work without any interference from anyone".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would reject any reconciliation deal between the two leading Palestinian factions unless the military wing of Hamas disarmed.

Hamdallah is heading up a 100-strong delegation of ministers and officials in preparation for officially assuming political and administrative control of the strip. Hamas has controlled the territory since seizing it from the PA in a near civil war in 2007 and multiple previous reconciliation attempts have failed.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Jewish Home party chairman Education Minister Naftali Bennett called for measures beyond rhetoric, saying that Israel "must immediately stop transferring tax money to the Hamas government headed by Abbas".

The two sides will meet again for in-depth negotiations next week. With the proceedings of the meeting, the talks came to a deadlock when Hamas refused the demand of giving up its weapons arsenal. "Hamas, Fatah and all the other unification-supporting forces have a common theme - the national flag of Palestine is more important than the flags of any political parties", said Osama al-Qawasmi, spokesperson for the Fatah party.

In an interview on Monday night Abbas said there would be "one state, one system, one law and one weapon" - in an apparent reference to Hamas's military wing.

"We are here to turn the page on division, restore the national project to its correct direction and establish the Palestinian state", he said.

Israeli settlements in the West Bank have angered Palestinian leaders and are a sticking point in the peace talks.

On the other hand, we see a clear dividing line of stances and perspectives where President of Palestine categorically opposed Hamas's stance of possessing military assets which are a threat to the nation's sovereignty and integrity. "This approach is being resuscitated by the new administration, in collaboration with Israel, whose right-wing government has increasingly close relations with the Arab Gulf states".

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