Star Trek: Discovery Premiere Earns Higher Ratings Than The Orville



And really, that's what's missing from Star Trek: Discovery: a distinct perspective.

Star Trek: Discovery will likely hit Netflix next fall, a few weeks before the premiere of the next season of Star Trek: Discovery, assuming it's renewed for another season. Internally, CBS expects that number to rise as 7-day delayed viewing is taken into account. Check out our interview below, as well as an exclusive piece of cover art from Star Trek: Mirror Broken artist JK Woodward, making its debut here on Gizmodo.

Sunday's premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, CBS's streaming service, is said to have "broken a record" for subscriber sign-ups in a single day.

And not just that, but with the arrival of the CBS series Star Trek: Discovery - the first new TV Trek in over 12 years - it has evolved, like some kind of alien lifeform being scanned by Mr. Spock. Burnham is First Officer on the Shenzhou and is a human who had a Vulcan upbringing, thanks to the Vulcan Sarek.

One noticeable difference between the new show and previous series is the all around darker tone which fits in the current landscape of television including Martin-Green's previous franchise The Walking Dead.

Discovery also stars Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaacs.

But "Star Trek: Discovery" is CBS's first big attempt at wooing cord cutters to its otherwise under-the-radar offering in terms of streaming services.

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How will you be watching Star Trek: Discovery? .

The way modern title sequences go, this one is actually pretty unique for a Trek series.

With all due respect to Enterprise's choice of "Faith Of The Heart" as its theme song, we miss Star Trek's natural choice of orchestral opening to its shows.

Kicking off yet another Star Trek series is a tricky undertaking in today's market under the best of circumstances, and Star Trek: Discovery seems to be a venture hoping to handicap its possibilities as much as possible. Michelly Yeoh would probably cost a lot to keep in the show.

When she jets in to investigate, she's attacked by a Klingon - an isolationist warrior race Starfleet have not been in contact with for more than 100 years. And you know what? So even if you didn't love the premise of Fuller and Kurtzman's new take on the franchise, rest assured that so far, the show does pass the test of a renowned expert - someone who's literal job it was for decades to track Trek's scientific accuracy. It marks the first time Australians can legally watch Star Trek the day after it screens in the U.S. - without putting up with Channel Nine's antics and Sam Newman's smug face.

Star Trek returns to TV with Star Trek: Discovery offering up the first new Trek adventures on the small screen in more than 20 years.

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