Intel 8th Gen Core Coffee Lake CPUs officially announced

Intel targets high-end gamers with 8th-generation desktop chips coming Oct. 5

Intel targets high-end gamers with 8th-generation desktop chips coming Oct. 5

Arriving on the market next week, the new 8th-generation Intel Core desktop processors are aimed at gamers and digital content creators who want more speed and power for the applications they run.

Intel has announced that customers will be able to get their hands on the company's first-ever 6-core i5, 4-core i3 and the rest of the 8th-generation processors beginning October 5th.

"Our 8thGen Intel Core desktop processors deliver tremendous improvements across the board and - for gamers, in particular- offer an unbeatable experience", stated Anand Srivatsa, general manager of Intel's Desktop Platform Group. Six processors have been confirmed for release on Thursday 5 October: two new Core i7 chips, two Core i5 models and two low-priced Core i3 CPUs, each in both regular and unlocked "K" variants. Retail pricing will, naturally, be higher in all case. Ars will have a review soon, but for now read the Core i9-7960X review, which pits Intel's 16-core chip against AMD's 16-core Threadripper.

The 4GHz Core i3-8350K and 3.6GHz Core i3-8100 cost $168 and $117, respectively, again per thousand units.

As you can see from the previous table, compared to the previous 7th generation, the new 8th generation has both the higher core count and higher Turbo clocks, and lower base clock, while the TDP remained almost the same, at least in the high- and mid-range segment. In addition to the Core series, Intel has also introduced the unlocked1 "K" processors range. The crown jewel of the lineup is Intel's Core i7 8700K as well as the non-K Core i7 8700, featuring 6 cores and 12 threads.

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The 8th-generation processors can support up to 25 percent more frames per second on resource-intensive games like Gears of War 4, compared to the 7th-generation chips, according to Intel. This could be attributed to Intel's push on greater overclocking within the chip, including per core overclocking, max memory ratio being pushed up to 8,400 MT/s, real-time latency control as well as Intel's proprietary Extreme Tuning Utility and Memory Profile.

Intel is promising big gains for end users in multimedia content creation with Coffee Lake, promising up to 65 percent gains in video editing speeds when compared against Skylake.

The new Z370 chipset also enables support for DDR4-2666 memory which was limited to DDR4-2400 in the case of Z270.

It is expected that delivery of desktop processors will start on 5 October. Available at a price of $359 (Rs 23,259 approx). This is the highest ever on an Intel chip. Stay tuned for a benchmark roundup right here on Tom's Guide, as well as more granular tests from our friends at Tom's Hardware and Anandtech.

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