Rahul Gandhi inaugurates subsidised 'Indira Canteens', food available at Rs. 5, 10

The Karnataka Govt is rolling out 101 subsidised canteens today across Bengaluru

The Karnataka Govt is rolling out 101 subsidised canteens today across Bengaluru

"Even BJP leaders who are criticising these efforts will stand in line for the food because it is of high quality". However, the canteens are not just restricted to the poor.

The Congress vice-president confused Indira Canteens with the Amma Canteens of Tamil Nadu. "Soon, over the next couple of months, every single city in Bengaluru, every single poor person in every single city in Bengaluru, will feel that in the state of Karnataka, under Siddaramaiah government, 'I simply can not go hungry'". The quality of food and cleanliness in these canteens is expected to be the same as in the most expensive restaurants in Bengaluru. Try out the closest Indira Canteen near you and let us know how it was! The food chains primarily serve South Indian food including idli, saambar rice, curd rice, pongal, lemon rice, curry leaf rice and also chappathi.

In all, there are 101 canteens in the city with the ultimate aim of setting up 198 canteens, one in each city corporation wards. In the first phase, 101 canteens have been rolled out. More will be opened in the remaining 97 wards from October 2 to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Shri Mahatma Gandhi. However, it is not restricted to anyone. The Congress Vice President made the mistake while inaugurating the Indira Canteen project at Bengaluru on Wednesday.

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Five of the 27 kitchens have been reserved for women self-help groups. 14 kitchens are ready, of which six kitchens are now in working condition. However, the number is expected to increase soon. CHAOS AT THE CANTEEN Hundreds of people descended on the canteens on Wednesday as it was announced that free food would be served there.

With this new initiative, residents of Bangalore have a new option whenever they want to have affordable meals. The eatery joint has been named after Rahul Gandhi's grandmother and former Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi.

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