Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Suing for $1 in Groping Trial

Taylor Swift's defense team digs into former DJ in cross-examination to kick off trial

Taylor Swift's defense team digs into former DJ in cross-examination to kick off trial

The former radio host who was sacked for allegedly inappropriately touching pop star Taylor Swift testified in a civil trial Tuesday that their hands and arms touched as they got into position for a photo.

The trial of a lawsuit between Swift and David Mueller, a former radio host she accuses of groping her, begins Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, in U.S. District Court in Denver.

Mueller sued for defamation in 2015, putting Swift, who claims she is the victim of assault, in an unusual position as defendant - but she's also the counter-claimant, having sued Mueller for assault.

Mueller, a morning talk show host at the station, was sacked on June 4, two days after he met with Swift before a concert and allegedly stuck his hand under her dress and grabbed her buttocks. He says his career was ruined by the claims.

Under questioning from his lawyer, Mueller recounted he may have made contact with the side of Swift's body or brushed her arm and hand while they posed for pictures, but when asked if he had grabbed her backside, Mueller said flatly, "No, I did not".

They were questioned specifically about their familiarity with either Swift or Mueller and whether they considered themselves to be fans of their work.

In his opening statement, Mueller's lawer David McFarland said his client's hand "is not underneath Miss Swift's skirt, and her skirt is not rumpled in any fashion".

Mueller's girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, said in her deposition that she noticed nothing, and Mueller said that if he touched Taylor in any way that she thought was inappropriate, that is was purely by accident.

He is seeking financial damages from Swift, who countersued him for assault and battery.

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In a deposition, Swift maintained she was certain of her allegations. The trial is expected to last around nine days; likely until 17 August.

When the trial started at the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse in downtown Denver, both Swift and Mueller were present, the former being dressed in a sweater, plaid dress, and her hair tied up in a bob and the latter, in a nondescript black suit and tie.

Swift has said she is positive it was Mueller who groped her. Baldridge asked, "Do you consider a sexual assault to be something that you would describe as silly?"

The picture taken before her show at the Pepsi Center in Denver shows Swift leaning away from Mueller whose right hand appears to be hovering near her rear end. It was during that photograph that Taylor said something much more sinister took place.

A former radio DJ has insisted in court that he did not grope Taylor Swift.

During Mueller's testimony, Swift listened with her chin resting in her hand.

But he also said that in the meeting Haskell and Call had called the next day, that he never told Call about what he says Haskell told him.

Mueller accuses Swift's aides of calling the radio station to demand his firing the day after the encounter, according to court documents.

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