Spotify for Xbox One will be available today

Spotify for Xbox is Live

Spotify for Xbox is Live

In terms of pricing, the Xbox One app will be exactly the same as on desktop; you'll be able to access Spotify's library for free so long as you're prepared to listen to adverts between tracks. Players will have the ability to customise this Dashboard with their favourite items from Apps to Games to Hubs.

All of your playlists and curated mixes will be available, as well as the browse and discovery features you're used to in other versions. Switch on the console, go to the Xbox Store, and search for the Spotify app. In addition to being able to play music on the Xbox One, users will also be able to use Spotify on their mobile devices to control the music that's being played on their Xbox which is very handy.

The latest update for Xbox launches today for Xbox Insiders, Microsoft has announced. Or check out new releases. For example, players looking for a high-octane session can load up the Power Gaming playlist and stream mid-game.

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"This update is all about personalization; we're putting the control in your hands, so that you can decide what to see when you turn on your console", Xbox exec Mike Ybarra wrote in a blog post. These blocks will change based on what you do, so if you put a specific game on your Home screen, it may display when your friends are playing that game, recommend which Achievement you should get next, etc.

Find the play bar at the bottom of the Xbox menu to skip songs, play/pause, or adjust the volume.

In terms of selecting music or building a playlist, it can either be done on the console itself via the Spotify app or from your phone, tablet, or laptop using the Spotify Connect feature.

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