Everything You Need to Know About Taylor Swift's Sexual Assault Trial

Taylor Swift expected to testify in photo grope case

Taylor Swift expected to testify in photo grope case

He is seeking at least $3 million in damages.

In it, Mueller's hand is hidden behind the singer near her bottom but he claims the only physical contact they had was when their arms brushed as they took their positions. The trial is expected to last nine days; likely until August 17. Court documents say it is unlikely that either side will settle.

Mueller was sacked from his job at a country music station after Taylor's team told his boss that Mueller grabbed her buttock during a meet-and-greet before a 2013 Swift concert in Denver.

Swift and Mueller aren't required to be in court for jury selection, which is expected to end Tuesday.

The meeting between Swift and Mueller took place during Swift's concert at the Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013. Court papers allege that "Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms".

"It's impossible for me to pick one specific moment that it was happening because it happened in a series of moments, so one of the moments when it was happening, in progress, was the moment we were posing for the photo and when the photo was being taken, but that was not the only moment that he was grabbing my a**", she alleged.

Later, Swift's bodyguard confronted Mueller with the allegation that he had reached under the singer's dress and grabbed her buttocks.

Swift never went to the police.

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Swift is countersuing, claiming sexual assault. Mueller's attorney is arguing that someone besides Mueller groped Swift, and his client will be testifying on his own behalf.

She is seeking a verdict that awards her $1, while holding Mueller responsible and "serving as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts".

Swift's counter lawsuit claims one count of assault and one count of battery, according to the documents. It's inconclusive whether he's touching her.

With Berks County native Taylor Swift looking on, potential jurors in her lawsuit against an ex-Denver radio host were asked Monday whether they had ever been inappropriately touched or wrongly accused of groping someone - the issues at the center of the case.

According to pre-trial legal documents obtained by CNN, Mueller launched a law suit in 2015 claiming Swift and her co-defendents (including her mother), falsely accused him of improperly touching the star, and is now seeking £2.3 million in damages.

Police and a bomb-sniffing dog waited in the rain Monday with about a dozen reporters before potential jurors were set to arrive for questioning.

The DJ says as many as 20 other people could have been in the room at the time and insists the security guard present did not react to anything during the meet and greet.

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