Lyft Is Pumping Up Its Self-Driving Car Development Program

A nu Tonomy self-driving taxi drives on the road in its public trial in Singapore

A nu Tonomy self-driving taxi drives on the road in its public trial in Singapore

Lyft said its technology will be an agnostic, open platform that will allow a multitude of partners to bring in their own self-driving vehicles that can simply plug into the Lyft network and operate autonomously.

But Lyft says it is not just building ride-hailing apps, high-def maps, or even self-driving systems for autonomous cars.

But Lyft's chief strategy officer Raj Kapoor said Thursday, per the Chron, "Drivers play an important role and will continue to play an important role".

Lyft develops self-driving auto facility in California to compete against rivals Uber and Google in driverless race. Uber began testing self-driving cars a year ago.

With the arrival of autonomous transportation, passengers will enjoy a state-of-the-art ride.

As companies like Google, Tesla, Ford, and Uber have demonstrated in recent years, self-driving cars are increasingly capable machines. Members of a key House subcommittee unanimously approved a bill that could establish the first federal laws governing self-driving cars that took place on Wednesday.

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The ride-sharing service announced Friday it will develop the hardware and software to power its own self-driving vehicles, a dramatic departure in strategy.

Lyft has already said that it will open its ride-hailing network so self-driving companies can put their robot cars into service on it in the future to pick up passengers.

Lyft's focus on finding a balance was also apparent with how it was going to work with its partners. "We want to lead the way autonomous hardware and software is built in this industry".

There may be no need to tip you Lyft driver in Boston later this year - because there may no be a driver. It plans to outfit these vehicles with cameras and sensors to collect data that will ultimately train its self-driving cars. Also, they note that there could be a point down the road when self-driving "kits" can be created and given to drivers to convert their existing cars to being autonomous.

In an interview with CNBC, Vincent said: "When a passenger requests a ride that a self-driving vehicle can complete, we may send one to complete the trip".

The company is promising always to use a "hybrid network" in which drivers are on hand to assist the robot vehicles - noting that this is going to remain necessary indefinitely in numerous 350 cities worldwide where Lyft operates and where detailed maps are not available.

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