Department Of Homeland Security To Add 15000 Work Visas

US intensifies clampdown on Nigerians, Brazilians, others with overstayed visas

US intensifies clampdown on Nigerians, Brazilians, others with overstayed visas

Today's release is still below the 33,000 H-2B visas authorized by Congress for the remainder of the fiscal year, but it comes at a hard time for the administration, as it finds itself attempting to strike a balance between business interests clamoring to fill low-skilled positions and those on the political right who fear that such moves do naught but erode wages and threaten American culture. Tillis, have concerns with DHS' timeline because it would negatively impact North Carolina seasonal small businesses and workers this summer. Eric Hamelback, CEO of the National HBPA, said that Monday's action represents a step in the right direction towards restoring stability for many stables.

The H-2B visa is used extensively by Trump's own businesses, including his Mar-a-Lago resort in South Florida.

According to a statement made available to Reuters, John Kelly, US secretary of homeland security, and Alexander Acosta, labour secretary, found out that there were not enough qualified and willing American workers to perform temporary nonagricultural work. They were part-time jobs. "This does help with American businesses continuing to prosper". The ruling stipulates that, in order to qualify for additional visas, applicants must prove that their business is likely to suffer irreparable harm if it can not employ H-2B non-immigrant workers.

DHS said the government had created a tip line to report any abuse of the visas or employer violations.

Andrea Hance, executive director of the Texas Shrimp Association, said Monday the federal government will issue these visas on a first come, first serve basis. Hoteliers in ME, for instance, say they are barely functioning in what should be peak season.

Businesses who meet specific criteria can apply for H-2B visas to bring over foreign workers to take temporary positions they cannot fill with American workers.

Congress top brass meet to chalk out strategy for monsoon session
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Daniel Costa, an immigration expert at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, said there is no real evidence of a nationwide labor shortage in the industries that rely on H-2B visas, although employers could be strapped in certain geographic areas.

DHS did not respond to a request for comment on how Trump's emphasis on American labor and his rhetoric toward immigrants might affect the recruitment of foreign workers.

The development comes as US President Donald Trump has declared this week as "Made In America" week and vowed to stand up for the US workers.

"Congress gave Kelly the authority to put around 70,000 more of those jobs out of the reach of Americans; at least Kelly limited the damage to keeping just 15,000 more Americans out of the labor market", he said in a statement.

But Congress did not renew the returnees exemption when it expired last fall, effectively curbing the number of available visas.

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