Apple previews upcoming emoji for World Emoji Day

You might have noticed yesterday was world emoji day and what better way for Apple to celebrate than through a whole range of new emojis for iOS? And if you're an emoji traditionalist who sticks only to smileys, there are options for you too: This update will include exploding head and star-struck smiley faces.

There are also some new additions to the animal world with a dinosaur emoji and a not-so extinct zebra.

Emojis have gained vast popularity during online conversations, so much so companies have started adding new ones based on something that is trending across the globe, be it a fashion statement or a social message, and Apple has added a few to its fold this World Emoji Day - whatever that may be.

Apple didn't indicate when iOS and Mac users might be able to deploy the new emojis, but iOS 11 is due out in September.

About 5 billion emojis are sent each day on Facebook Messenger, the social media giant said Monday, World Emoji Day.

New food items include Sandwich, Steak and Coconut.

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- U.S. Marines (@USMC) July 17, 2017Apple is releasing a mind blown emoji... The entire list of 56 new emojis is available on Unicode's own emoji chart and Emojipedia.

Her online campaign, the Hijab Emoji Project, noted that some Christian and Jewish women also wear headscarves, along with hundreds of millions of Muslims.

Apple has revealed the new emoji that are coming in the next update.

The App Store will highlight apps that help you have fun with emojis. iTunes Movies features Emoji in place of select movie titles. It has also added mythical characters like a zombie and an elf, which would really add a lot of fun to conversations.

These are just a few of the emojis that are part of Unicode 10 Standard.

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