U.S. plans to test THAAD missile defenses

MEA tells North Korea: Missile programme impacting Indian national security, refrain from such actions

MEA tells North Korea: Missile programme impacting Indian national security, refrain from such actions

The test was planned months before the July 4 launch that has increased concerns from the world towards Pyongyang.

The exercise on Saturday aimed to "sternly respond to the series of North Korea's ballistic missile launches", the South's air force said.

As per reports, the test is not linked to North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile launch, adding that the THAAD's system is created to defend against those type of threats.

Haley added that if North Korea continues to be involved in these activities, it must be prepared to defend itself and its allies.

The drill simulated the two USA bombers destroying enemy ballistic missile batteries and South Korean jets mounting precision strikes against underground enemy command posts, the South's air force said.

The Australian government is bolstering its weaponry and military forces in response in part to the "growing threat posed by ballistic and cruise missile capability" and their proliferation in the Indo-Pacific and Middle East regions, the Department of Defense said in a 2016 report.

Anti-Qatar bloc threatens further steps against Gulf state
He expressed his hope that the Kuwaiti mediation efforts would succeed in containing the crisis. Overseas law firms can also be hired, he said.

In response, United States and South Korean soldiers fired ballistic missiles simultaneously in a drill on Wednesday, simulating an attack on the North's leadership "as a strong message of warning", the South's military said at the time.

Australia is developing defences against missile attack but the US THAAD system is "not really suitable" for Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

"The test is designated as Flight Test THAAD (FTT)-18", Johnson said, without elaborating further.

The U.S. deployed THAAD in South Korea earlier this year to protect from shorter-range missiles from North Korea.

Meanwhile in a show of force against North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. staged deep strike precision missile firing drills on Wednesday.

The GMD system successfully shot down an incoming, simulated North Korean ICBM in a test in May.

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