PM prepares for G20 summit

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the issue of terrorists using encrypted messages was a massive one

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the issue of terrorists using encrypted messages was a massive one

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the summit of leaders of the world's biggest economies later in the week in Hamburg, Germany.

Representatives for the White House did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

"In an extensive discussion, the leaders addressed climate issues, the Women's Entrepreneurship Financing Initiative, and trade, including global steel overcapacity", it said.

The president and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will jointly open a panda garden in Zoo Berlin on Wednesday for the pair of giant pandas China has recently sent to Germany.

Recall that the G20 summit will be held on 7-8 July 2017 in Hamburg.

President Donald Trump turned his online gaze away from his feud with CNN and MSNBC hosts Monday morning, tweeting about phone calls with European leaders.

US tech companies have been loath to decode any of their systems for intelligence and police agencies

Another highlight of the summit will be Trump's one-on-one meeting on its sidelines with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The discord is obvious and it would be dishonest to paper over the conflict", she said.

"I hope this pair of giant pandas ... will serve as envoys of China-Germany friendship", Xi said.

Merkel predicted "a whole series of thorny issues" at the summit.

She warned against high expectations, noting that the summit's final communique has to be "approved unanimously".

"The times when we could completely rely on others are, to an extent, over", she said to supporters after the G7, adding that Europeans had to take their fate into their own hands. Although the protesters said they had permission to stay overnight at the site, police said the group only had approval to protest and not form an overnight encampment.

Road construction has serious implications, India tells China
India says the matter has been under discussion between both Indian and Chinese foreign ministries in New Delhi and Beijing. India is not happy with the developments in Doklam since China is trying to build a road in the area.

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