ZeniMax Extends Lawsuit To Include Samsung Gear VR

ZeniMax is suing Samsung after winning its case against Oculus

ZeniMax is suing Samsung after winning its case against Oculus

"Carmack confirmed this in later sworn testimony, when he admitted that he merely "reimplemented" the same copyrighted code he had created while an employee of ZeniMax when he created the Oculus VR software used in the Samsung Gear VR". It's only a first instance claim at this point, but it does have potential to generate millions in damages, should the court establish that the Korean company benefited from Zeni's VR concepts. The latest claim alleges that Samsung should have been aware of the dispute with Oculus, having in mind that it was reported in NYT, WSJ and USA Today, and should have seized to utilize and benefit from its Gear VR line. Three years after the acquisition, ZeniMax says it provided Palmer Luckey and his company Oculus VR with access to its VR-related IP under the protection of a binding non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

A new lawsuit, reportedly filed on Friday evening by ZeniMax, claims the Samsung Gear VR unit features technology owned by the media group.

Carmack owned id Software, a company that was bought by ZeniMax in 2009. It is also planning to score a chunk of profits from the sale of infringed technology and use of trade secrets, coupled with injunctive relief and punitive damages to fully compensate for their losses. The by-product of this partnership was the Samsung Gear VR, which displays the "Powered by Oculus" phrase, and includes some exclusive Oculus features. That's. not quite accurate, but it makes sense that ZeniMax would try to widen its net and see what might stick after the potentially ambiguous ending of the previous case.

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According to the lawsuit, which you can read in its entirety on Scribd, Carmack snuck Hooper into id's offices during after-hours to work on a mobile VR project that ended up becoming Samsung's Gear VR.

If you're wondering why Samsung would have known about this alleged infringement, ZeniMax has an explanation.

The lawsuit alleges that Carmack secretly solicited the help of former ZeniMax employee Matt Hooper to develop an "attack plan" for Carmack's firm id Software to take over the mobile VR market. That said, the court rejected the more sweeping claim that Carmack stole "trade secrets" from ZeniMax, destroyed evidence, or directly used copyrighted code developed at the company.

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