The Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Has Been Fully Restored

Nintendo PlayStation

Nintendo PlayStation

The prototype's problem was that while it could play regular SNES games in its cartridge slot, the CD-ROM drive didn't work.

Created in the early 1990s, this machine is little more than a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a CD-ROM drive.

As a practical matter, getting the Nintendo PlayStation "fully functional" isn't much more than a historical oddity. According to Terry, the prototype was found just after the banking company filed for a complete bankruptcy.

The SNES-CD, or Super Disc system, in question was originally discovered back in 2015, however, unfortunately its unique ability to play CDs and CD-based games had not survived, with the console only playing cartridge games.

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Not everyone in the electronics industry in the mid-to-late 80's could see that video games were soon to be a booming market. Since the machine never made it past the prototype stage, there weren't any games actually made for it. This was paired with a game that was made to run on the emulator, and after some adjustments were made by the developer, Heckendorn burned it to a CD and managed to get it to run, albeit with a few small glitches here and there.

It's taken a year, but now this Nintendo PlayStation is finally working. Though they didn't exactly run correctly, they still ran.

The only way anyone can test the capabilities of the Nintendo PlayStation are via the homebrew titles being developed on emulators designed on the hardware capabilities of the prototype. The dev saw what needed to be fixed and sent a modified version to Heckendorn. Or at the very least, just create games for this once long-lost console.

In addition, a lot of official developers also started making games for the Super Nintendo PlayStation. It's an interesting bit of history, and could have completely changed the world of gaming had the relationship between Nintendo and Sony continued.

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