Syrian refugees in Canada name newborn son Justin Trudeau

The couple said Justin Trudeau is the reason they are in Canada

The couple said Justin Trudeau is the reason they are in Canada

In January, another Syrian refugee family said they would name their newborn son Justin Trudeau Al Shaikh after a photo showing their 10-year-old son looking exasperated at a town hall with the prime minister became national news.

Justin Trudeau Adam Bilal was born on Thursday at 6:15 the Rocky View General Hospital weighing seven pounds, seven ounces.

Muhammad and Afraa Bilan arrived as refugees in Montreal with their daughter Naya, 4, and son Nael, 3, after fleeing from Damascus.

"We love this man, we appreciate him", Ms Bilan told the newspaper.

Bilan notes that little Justin Trudeau is the family's first Canadian and beat the rest of them to getting citizenship.

In the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis, Canada was one of many countries to open their doors to Syrian asylum seekers, alongside Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and others.

DUBAI: A Syrian refugee family in Canada have named their newborn son after the prime minister in a show of gratitude.

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"Canada is much more safe - there's no war, nothing", Afraa Bilan told the BBC.

You could say Afraa and Muhammad Bilan have big aspirations for their son.

Though Trudeau wasn't there to greet them at the airport, the couple felt they had to pay homage to the man who helped them escape Syria through his refugee initiative.

No word on if the older Justin Trudeau will meet his young namesake yet.

However, she said that she was thankful to the premier to be here and added that she now speaks fluent English and Muhammad works part-time in a grocery shop.

"We really like Canada".

"He's the first Canadian", she said.

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