Goodwin: Failed Health Care Bill Proof Bipartisanship Is Dead

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Far more Americans blamed President Donald Trump for the bill falling apart than they did Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found Wednesday.

Green shoots of the faith emerged in the White House soon after the GOP attempt to repeal ObamaCare crashed and burned. They won't give that up easily. As the fog of war lifts from this debacle, we can gain some clarity on what went wrong, why and the prospects for health care reform going forward.

Since ObamaCare became law in 2010, House Republicans voted to repeal it 59 times without offering an alternative. Finally, after seven years, Ryan came up with an alternative and it was an unmitigated disaster for the GOP. And don't come back until you have a bipartisan plan that's reality-based. The Trump administration and speaker Paul Ryan have both suffered a major defeat. Some are now demanding Ryan's removal after he badly mishandled his version of healthcare reform.

In a word, no. Rights are either natural immunities - existing in areas of human behavior that, because of our nature, must be free from government regulation, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as speech, the press, religion, travel, self-defense and what remains of privacy - or legal claims that we qualify or bargain for, such as the right to vote, which the Constitution presumes, and the right to use your property to the exclusion of all others and the right to purchase a good that you can afford.

A Freedom Caucus member, Tom Massie (R-Ky.) summed up the thinking of caucus members when he described the AHCA as "a stinking pile of garbage". Trump and his administration must stop pointing fingers and work with Republicans and Democrats to ensure millions of Americans are not left uninsured. But Tuesday morning, they exchanged pledges of unity in a closed-door meeting and emerged eager to continue their efforts on health care, although they provided no specific plans or timeline for how they would proceed.

He points out that there was a disconnect between what the bill did and what Trump and Republicans were saying that the bill would do. The president danced his way into White House with white working-class support. But once he got to the White House, he waltzed with wealthy Americans instead. The health care system is in a "death spiral". "But taking it away does".

As Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) told The New York Times, "It's so cartoonishly malicious that I can picture someone twirling their mustache as they drafted it in their secret Capitol lair last night". Democrats hung tight and progressive activists kicked butt.

Travel ban rulings highlight trouble posed by Trump record
However, Judge Watson wrote, the President's past remarks need not "forever taint" his efforts on national security. We argued the ban is unconstitutional because it discriminates against Muslims based on their religious beliefs.

But he's not the only one anxiously anticipating that event in the aftermath of the failed Obamacare repeal and replace movement in Congress. As Trump discovered after entering the White House, "it's complicated". The new president had to learn about checks and balances the hard way. One area of agreement could be on state reinsurance programs, which work in a way similar to one of the ideas Republicans included in their repeal-and-replace bill.

While leadership said there is nothing on the docket next week, GOP aides said members could be mum on calling a vote as a precaution, looking to assure they won't have to pull the bill off the floor twice.

Insurers are most concerned about how the administration and Republicans in Congress plan to treat the ACA's cost-sharing reduction payments, which help subsidize out-of-pocket payments for lower-income enrollees, and whether the Trump administration will enforce the ACA's individual mandate, health policy experts say.

Massie tweeted "If Exec branch tells the Legislative branch "when 2 vote" "how to vote" and "what it will b allowed 2 work on if vote fails" is that a republic?"

It's back to the drawing board for the GOP. Would their own families and average Americans have been better or worse off?

At least for now.

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